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SLO beyond the Hardware Isolation Limits

by   Haoran Qiu, et al.

Performance isolation is a keystone for SLO guarantees with shared resources in cloud and datacenter environments. To meet SLO requirements, the state of the art relies on hardware QoS support (e.g., Intel RDT) to allocate shared resources such as last-level caches and memory bandwidth for co-located latency-critical applications. As a result, the number of latency-critical applications that can be deployed on a physical machine is bounded by the hardware allocation capability. Unfortunately, such hardware capability is very limited. For example, Intel Xeon E5 v3 processors support at most four partitions for last-level caches, i.e., at most four applications can have dedicated resource allocation. This paper discusses the feasibility and unexplored challenges of providing SLO guarantees beyond the limits of hardware capability. We present CoCo to show the feasibility and the benefits. CoCo schedules applications to time-share interference-free partitions as a transparent software layer. Our evaluation shows that CoCo outperforms non-partitioned and round-robin approaches by up to 9x and 1.2x.


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