SLIP Walking over Rough Terrain via H-LIP Stepping and Backstepping-Barrier Function Inspired Quadratic Program

by   Xiaobin Xiong, et al.

We present an advanced and novel control method to enable actuated Spring Loaded Inverted Pendulum model to walk over rough and challenging terrains. The high-level philosophy is the decoupling of the controls of the vertical and horizontal states. The vertical state is controlled via Backstepping-Barrier Function (BBF) based quadratic programs: a combination of control Lyapunov backstepping and control barrier function, both of which provide inequality constraints on the inputs. The horizontal state is stabilized via Hybrid-Linear Inverted Pendulum (H-LIP) based stepping, which has a closed-form formulation. Therefore, the implementation is computationally-efficient. We evaluate our method in simulation, which demonstrates the aSLIP walking over various terrains, including slopes, stairs, and general rough terrains with uncertainties.



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