Sketching low-rank matrices with a shared column space by convex programming

by   Rakshith S Srinivasa, et al.

In many practical applications including remote sensing, multi-task learning, and multi-spectrum imaging, data are described as a set of matrices sharing a common column space. We consider the joint estimation of such matrices from their noisy linear measurements. We study a convex estimator regularized by a pair of matrix norms. The measurement model corresponds to block-wise sensing and the reconstruction is possible only when the total energy is well distributed over blocks. The first norm, which is the maximum-block-Frobenius norm, favors such a solution. This condition is analogous to the notion of incoherence in matrix completion or column-wise sensing. The second norm, which is a tensor norm on a pair of suitable Banach spaces, induces low-rankness in the solution together with the first norm. We demonstrate that the convex estimator provides a provably near optimal error bound that matches a minimax lower bound up to a logarithmic factor. The convex estimator is cast as a semidefinite program and an efficient ADMM-based algorithm is derived. The empirical behavior of the convex estimator is illustrated using Monte Carlo simulations and recovery performance is compared to existing methods in the literature.


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