Sink Mobility To Ensure Coverage in Multi-Partitioned Wireless Sensor Network

by   Hasina Rahman, et al.

Recent works on WSNs show that use of mobile sink can prolong network lifetime. This paper demonstrates the advantages of the mobile sink in WSNs for increasing their lifetime than static sink. A novel sink mobility with coverage algorithm has been proposed here. During the movement of the sinks in the network, they sojourn at different points in the network and collect data over there. The direction of the movement of the sinks is determined by the algorithm and sinks are mobile inside the network. This algorithm can also be used for multiple sinks partitioned network. Simulations has been carried out for both mobile and static sinks to determine the average energy consumption of the network. At the same time, it also determines the network lifetime in terms of number of rounds neighbor nodes of sink is alive and first node die of the network. Our experiments show that mobile sinks outperform static sink in all scenarios. Furthermore, the proposed algorithm results in a good balancing of energy depletion among the sensor nodes.



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