Single Shot Reversible GAN for BCG artifact removal in simultaneous EEG-fMRI

by   Guang Lin, et al.

Simultaneous EEG-fMRI acquisition and analysis technology has been widely used in various research fields of brain science. However, how to remove the ballistocardiogram (BCG) artifacts in this scenario remains a huge challenge. Because it is impossible to obtain clean and BCG-contaminated EEG signals at the same time, BCG artifact removal is a typical unpaired signal-to-signal problem. To solve this problem, this paper proposed a new GAN training model - Single Shot Reversible GAN (SSRGAN). The model is allowing bidirectional input to better combine the characteristics of the two types of signals, instead of using two independent models for bidirectional conversion as in the past. Furthermore, the model is decomposed into multiple independent convolutional blocks with specific functions. Through additional training of the blocks, the local representation ability of the model is improved, thereby improving the overall model performance. Experimental results show that, compared with existing methods, the method proposed in this paper can remove BCG artifacts more effectively and retain the useful EEG information.



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