Single Image Reflection Removal Exploiting Misaligned Training Data and Network Enhancements

by   Kaixuan Wei, et al.

Removing undesirable reflections from a single image captured through a glass window is of practical importance to visual computing systems. Although state-of-the-art methods can obtain decent results in certain situations, performance declines significantly when tackling more general real-world cases. These failures stem from the intrinsic difficulty of single image reflection removal -- the fundamental ill-posedness of the problem, and the insufficiency of densely-labeled training data needed for resolving this ambiguity within learning-based neural network pipelines. In this paper, we address these issues by exploiting targeted network enhancements and the novel use of misaligned data. For the former, we augment a baseline network architecture by embedding context encoding modules that are capable of leveraging high-level contextual clues to reduce indeterminacy within areas containing strong reflections. For the latter, we introduce an alignment-invariant loss function that facilitates exploiting misaligned real-world training data that is much easier to collect. Experimental results collectively show that our method outperforms the state-of-the-art with aligned data, and that significant improvements are possible when using additional misaligned data.


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