SinGAN-Seg: Synthetic Training Data Generation for Medical Image Segmentation

by   Vajira Thambawita, et al.

Processing medical data to find abnormalities is a time-consuming and costly task, requiring tremendous efforts from medical experts. Therefore, Ai has become a popular tool for the automatic processing of medical data, acting as a supportive tool for doctors. AI tools highly depend on data for training the models. However, there are several constraints to access to large amounts of medical data to train machine learning algorithms in the medical domain, e.g., due to privacy concerns and the costly, time-consuming medical data annotation process. To address this, in this paper we present a novel synthetic data generation pipeline called SinGAN-Seg to produce synthetic medical data with the corresponding annotated ground truth masks. We show that these synthetic data generation pipelines can be used as an alternative to bypass privacy concerns and as an alternative way to produce artificial segmentation datasets with corresponding ground truth masks to avoid the tedious medical data annotation process. As a proof of concept, we used an open polyp segmentation dataset. By training UNet++ using both the real polyp segmentation dataset and the corresponding synthetic dataset generated from the SinGAN-Seg pipeline, we show that the synthetic data can achieve a very close performance to the real data when the real segmentation datasets are large enough. In addition, we show that synthetic data generated from the SinGAN-Seg pipeline improving the performance of segmentation algorithms when the training dataset is very small. Since our SinGAN-Seg pipeline is applicable for any medical dataset, this pipeline can be used with any other segmentation datasets.


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