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Simultaneous Multi-User MIMO Communications and Multi-Target Tracking with Full Duplex Radios

by   Md Atiqul Islam, et al.
University of Athens
University of Illinois at Chicago

In this paper, we present an Integrated Sensing and Communications (ISAC) system enabled by in-band Full Duplex (FD) radios, where a massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) base station equipped with hybrid Analog and Digital (A/D) beamformers is communicating with multiple DownLink (DL) users, and simultaneously estimates via the same signaling waveforms the Direction of Arrival (DoA) as well as the range of radar targets randomly distributed within its coverage area. Capitalizing on a recent reduced-complexity FD hybrid A/D beamforming architecture, we devise a joint radar target tracking and DL data transmission protocol. An optimization framework for the joint design of the massive A/D beamformers and the Self-Interference (SI) cancellation unit, with the dual objective of maximizing the radar tracking accuracy and DL communication performance, is presented. Our simulation results at millimeter wave frequencies using 5G NR wideband waveforms, showcase the accuracy of the radar target tracking performance of the proposed system, which simultaneously offers increased sum rate compared with benchmark schemes.


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