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Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Appliances from Smart-meter Measurements via Multi-Label Consistent Deep Dictionary Learning and Deep Transform Learning

by   Vanika Singhal, et al.

Currently there are several well-known approaches to non-intrusive appliance load monitoring rule based, stochastic finite state machines, neural networks and sparse coding. Recently several studies have proposed a new approach based on multi label classification. Different appliances are treated as separate classes, and the task is to identify the classes given the aggregate smart-meter reading. Prior studies in this area have used off the shelf algorithms like MLKNN and RAKEL to address this problem. In this work, we propose a deep learning based technique. There are hardly any studies in deep learning based multi label classification; two new deep learning techniques to solve the said problem are fundamental contributions of this work. These are deep dictionary learning and deep transform learning. Thorough experimental results on benchmark datasets show marked improvement over existing studies.


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