Shrinkage Estimation of the Frechet Mean in Lie groups

09/28/2020 ∙ by Chun-Hao Yang, et al. ∙ 0

Data in non-Euclidean spaces are commonly encountered in many fields of Science and Engineering. For instance, in Robotics, attitude sensors capture orientation which is an element of a Lie group. In the recent past, several researchers have reported methods that take into account the geometry of Lie Groups in designing parameter estimation algorithms in nonlinear spaces. Maximum likelihood estimators (MLE) are quite commonly used for such tasks and it is well known in the field of statistics that Stein's shrinkage estimators dominate the MLE in a mean-squared sense assuming the observations are from a normal population. In this paper, we present a novel shrinkage estimator for data residing in Lie groups, specifically, abelian or compact Lie groups. The key theoretical results presented in this paper are: (i) Stein's Lemma and its proof for Lie groups and, (ii) proof of dominance of the proposed shrinkage estimator over MLE for abelian and compact Lie groups. We present examples of simulation studies of the dominance of the proposed shrinkage estimator and an application of shrinkage estimation to multiple-robot localization.



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