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Shared control schematic for brain controlled vehicle based on fuzzy logic

by   Na Dong, et al.

Brain controlled vehicle refers to the vehicle that obtains control commands by analyzing the driver's EEG through Brain-Computer Interface (BCI). The research of brain controlled vehicles can not only promote the integration of brain machines, but also expand the range of activities and living ability of the disabled or some people with limited physical activity, so the research of brain controlled vehicles is of great significance and has broad application prospects. At present, BCI has some problems such as limited recognition accuracy, long recognition time and limited number of recognition commands in the process of analyzing EEG signals to obtain control commands. If only use the driver's EEG signals to control the vehicle, the control performance is not ideal. Based on the concept of Shared control, this paper uses the fuzzy control (FC) to design an auxiliary controller to realize the cooperative control of automatic control and brain control. Designing a Shared controller which evaluates the current vehicle status and decides the switching mechanism between automatic control and brain control to improve the system control performance. Finally, based on the joint simulation platform of Carsim and MATLAB, with the simulated brain control signals, the designed experiment verifies that the control performance of the brain control vehicle can be improved by adding the auxiliary controller.


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