SG-PBFT: a Secure and Highly Efficient Blockchain PBFT Consensus Algorithm for Internet of Vehicles

by   Guangquan Xu, et al.

The Internet of Vehicles (IoV) is an application of the Internet of things (IoT). It faces two main security problems: (1) the central server of the IoV may not be powerful enough to support the centralized authentication of the rapidly increasing connected vehicles, (2) the IoV itself may not be robust enough to single-node attacks. To solve these problems, this paper proposes SG-PBFT: a secure and highly efficient PBFT consensus algorithm for Internet of Vehicles, which is based on a distributed blockchain structure. The distributed structure can reduce the pressure on the central server and decrease the risk of single-node attacks. The SG-PBFT consensus algorithm improves the traditional PBFT consensus algorithm by using a score grouping mechanism to achieve a higher consensus efficiency. The experimental result shows that our method can greatly improve the consensus efficiency and prevent single-node attacks. Specifically, when the number of consensus nodes reaches 1000, the consensus time of our algorithm is only about 27 state-of-the-art consensus algorithm (PBFT). Our proposed SG-PBFT is versatile and can be used in other application scenarios which require high consensus efficiency.


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