Seven clusters in genomic triplet distributions

by   Alexander N. Gorban, et al.

In several recent papers new gene-detection algorithms were proposed for detecting protein-coding regions without requiring learning dataset of already known genes. The fact that unsupervised gene-detection is possible closely connected to existence of a cluster structure in oligomer frequency distributions. In this paper we study cluster structure of several genomes in the space of their triplet frequencies, using pure data exploration strategy. Several complete genomic sequences were analyzed, using visualization of tables of triplet frequencies in a sliding window. The distribution of 64-dimensional vectors of triplet frequencies displays a well-detectable cluster structure. The structure was found to consist of seven clusters, corresponding to protein-coding information in three possible phases in one of the two complementary strands and in the non-coding regions with high accuracy (higher than 90 allows to analyze effectively performance of different gene-prediction tools. Since the method does not require extraction of ORFs, it can be applied even for unassembled genomes. The information content of the triplet distributions and the validity of the mean-field models are analysed.



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