Serverless Streaming for Emerging Media: Towards 5G Network-Driven Cost Optimization

by   Konstantinos Konstantoudakis, et al.

Immersive 3D media is an emerging type of media that captures, encodes and reconstructs the 3D appearance of people and objects, with applications in tele-presence, teleconference, entertainment, gaming and other fields. In this paper, we discuss a novel concept of live 3D immersive media streaming in a serverless setting. In particular, we present a novel network-centric adaptive streaming framework which deviates from a traditional client-based adaptive streaming used in 2D video. In our framework, the decisions for the production of the transcoding profiles are taken in a centralized manner, by considering consumer metrics vs provisioning costs and inferring an expected consumer quality of experience and behaviour based on them. In addition, we demonstrate that a naive application of the serverless paradigm might be sub optimal under some common immersive 3D media scenarios.



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