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(Sequential) Importance Sampling Bandits

by   Iñigo Urteaga, et al.
Columbia University

The multi-armed bandit (MAB) problem is a sequential allocation task where the goal is to learn a policy that maximizes long term payoff, where only the reward of the executed action is observed; i.e., sequential optimal decisions are made, while simultaneously learning how the world operates. In the stochastic setting, the reward for each action is generated from an unknown distribution. To decide the next optimal action to take, one must compute sufficient statistics of this unknown reward distribution, e.g. upper-confidence bounds (UCB), or expectations in Thompson sampling. Closed-form expressions for these statistics of interest are analytically intractable except for simple cases. We here propose to leverage Monte Carlo estimation and, in particular, the flexibility of (sequential) importance sampling (IS) to allow for accurate estimation of the statistics of interest within the MAB problem. IS methods estimate posterior densities or expectations in probabilistic models that are analytically intractable. We first show how IS can be combined with state-of-the-art MAB algorithms (Thompson sampling and Bayes-UCB) for classic (Bernoulli and contextual linear-Gaussian) bandit problems. Furthermore, we leverage the power of sequential IS to extend the applicability of these algorithms beyond the classic settings, and tackle additional useful cases. Specifically, we study the dynamic linear-Gaussian bandit, and both the static and dynamic logistic cases too. The flexibility of (sequential) importance sampling is shown to be fundamental for obtaining efficient estimates of the key sufficient statistics in these challenging scenarios.


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