Sequential Bayesian experimental designs via reinforcement learning

by   Hikaru Asano, et al.

Bayesian experimental design (BED) has been used as a method for conducting efficient experiments based on Bayesian inference. The existing methods, however, mostly focus on maximizing the expected information gain (EIG); the cost of experiments and sample efficiency are often not taken into account. In order to address this issue and enhance practical applicability of BED, we provide a new approach Sequential Experimental Design via Reinforcement Learning to construct BED in a sequential manner by applying reinforcement learning in this paper. Here, reinforcement learning is a branch of machine learning in which an agent learns a policy to maximize its reward by interacting with the environment. The characteristics of interacting with the environment are similar to the sequential experiment, and reinforcement learning is indeed a method that excels at sequential decision making. By proposing a new real-world-oriented experimental environment, our approach aims to maximize the EIG while keeping the cost of experiments and sample efficiency in mind simultaneously. We conduct numerical experiments for three different examples. It is confirmed that our method outperforms the existing methods in various indices such as the EIG and sampling efficiency, indicating that our proposed method and experimental environment can make a significant contribution to application of BED to the real world.


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