Semi-Supervised Low-Resource Style Transfer of Indonesian Informal to Formal Language with Iterative Forward-Translation

11/06/2020 ∙ by Haryo Akbarianto Wibowo, et al. ∙ 0

In its daily use, the Indonesian language is riddled with informality, that is, deviations from the standard in terms of vocabulary, spelling, and word order. On the other hand, current available Indonesian NLP models are typically developed with the standard Indonesian in mind. In this work, we address a style-transfer from informal to formal Indonesian as a low-resource machine translation problem. We build a new dataset of parallel sentences of informal Indonesian and its formal counterpart. We benchmark several strategies to perform style transfer from informal to formal Indonesian. We also explore augmenting the training set with artificial forward-translated data. Since we are dealing with an extremely low-resource setting, we find that a phrase-based machine translation approach outperforms the Transformer-based approach. Alternatively, a pre-trained GPT-2 fined-tuned to this task performed equally well but costs more computational resource. Our findings show a promising step towards leveraging machine translation models for style transfer. Our code and data are available in



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