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Semi-supervised learning by selective training with pseudo labels via confidence estimation

by   Masato Ishii, et al.

We propose a novel semi-supervised learning (SSL) method that adopts selective training with pseudo labels. In our method, we generate hard pseudo-labels and also estimate their confidence, which represents how likely each pseudo-label is to be correct. Then, we explicitly select which pseudo-labeled data should be used to update the model. Specifically, assuming that loss on incorrectly pseudo-labeled data sensitively increase against data augmentation, we select the data corresponding to relatively small loss after applying data augmentation. The confidence is used not only for screening candidates of pseudo-labeled data to be selected but also for automatically deciding how many pseudo-labeled data should be selected within a mini-batch. Since accurate estimation of the confidence is crucial in our method, we also propose a new data augmentation method, called MixConf, that enables us to obtain confidence-calibrated models even when the number of training data is small. Experimental results with several benchmark datasets validate the advantage of our SSL method as well as MixConf.


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