Semi-Supervised Clustering with Inaccurate Pairwise Annotations

04/05/2021 ∙ by Daniel Gribel, et al. ∙ 0

Pairwise relational information is a useful way of providing partial supervision in domains where class labels are difficult to acquire. This work presents a clustering model that incorporates pairwise annotations in the form of must-link and cannot-link relations and considers possible annotation inaccuracies (i.e., a common setting when experts provide pairwise supervision). We propose a generative model that assumes Gaussian-distributed data samples along with must-link and cannot-link relations generated by stochastic block models. We adopt a maximum-likelihood approach and demonstrate that, even when supervision is weak and inaccurate, accounting for relational information significantly improves clustering performance. Relational information also helps to detect meaningful groups in real-world datasets that do not fit the original data-distribution assumptions. Additionally, we extend the model to integrate prior knowledge of experts' accuracy and discuss circumstances in which the use of this knowledge is beneficial.



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