Semantic Segmentation on 3D Point Clouds with High Density Variations

by   Ryan Faulkner, et al.

LiDAR scanning for surveying applications acquire measurements over wide areas and long distances, which produces large-scale 3D point clouds with significant local density variations. While existing 3D semantic segmentation models conduct downsampling and upsampling to build robustness against varying point densities, they are less effective under the large local density variations characteristic of point clouds from surveying applications. To alleviate this weakness, we propose a novel architecture called HDVNet that contains a nested set of encoder-decoder pathways, each handling a specific point density range. Limiting the interconnections between the feature maps enables HDVNet to gauge the reliability of each feature based on the density of a point, e.g., downweighting high density features not existing in low density objects. By effectively handling input density variations, HDVNet outperforms state-of-the-art models in segmentation accuracy on real point clouds with inconsistent density, using just over half the weights.


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