Semantic integration of UML class diagram with semantic validation on segments of mappings

01/13/2018 ∙ by Hicham Elasri, et al. ∙ 0

Recently, attention has focused on the software development, specially by differ-ent teams that are geographically distant to support collaborative work. Manage-ment, description and modeling in such collaborative approach are through sever-al tools and techniques based on UML models. It is now supported by a large number of tools. Most of these systems have the ability to compare different UML models, assist developers, designers and also provide operations for the merging and integration, to produce a coherent model. The contribution in this ar-ticle is both to integrate a set of UML class diagrams using mappings that are re-sult of alignment and assist designers and developers in the integration. In addi-tion, we will present a detail integration of UML models with the validation of mappings between them. Such validation helps to achieve correct, consistent and coherent integrated model.



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