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Self-Supervised Metric Learning in Multi-View Data: A Downstream Task Perspective

by   Shulei Wang, et al.

Self-supervised metric learning has been a successful approach for learning a distance from an unlabeled dataset. The resulting distance is broadly useful for improving various distance-based downstream tasks, even when no information from downstream tasks is utilized in the metric learning stage. To gain insights into this approach, we develop a statistical framework to theoretically study how self-supervised metric learning can benefit downstream tasks in the context of multi-view data. Under this framework, we show that the target distance of metric learning satisfies several desired properties for the downstream tasks. On the other hand, our investigation suggests the target distance can be further improved by moderating each direction's weights. In addition, our analysis precisely characterizes the improvement by self-supervised metric learning on four commonly used downstream tasks: sample identification, two-sample testing, k-means clustering, and k-nearest neighbor classification. As a by-product, we propose a simple spectral method for self-supervised metric learning, which is computationally efficient and minimax optimal for estimating target distance. Finally, numerical experiments are presented to support the theoretical results in the paper.


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