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Self-Supervised Iterative Contextual Smoothing for Efficient Adversarial Defense against Gray- and Black-Box Attack

by   Sungmin Cha, et al.

We propose a novel and effective input transformation based adversarial defense method against gray- and black-box attack, which is computationally efficient and does not require any adversarial training or retraining of a classification model. We first show that a very simple iterative Gaussian smoothing can effectively wash out adversarial noise and achieve substantially high robust accuracy. Based on the observation, we propose Self-Supervised Iterative Contextual Smoothing (SSICS), which aims to reconstruct the original discriminative features from the Gaussian-smoothed image in context-adaptive manner, while still smoothing out the adversarial noise. From the experiments on ImageNet, we show that our SSICS achieves both high standard accuracy and very competitive robust accuracy for the gray- and black-box attacks; e.g., transfer-based PGD-attack and score-based attack. A note-worthy point to stress is that our defense is free of computationally expensive adversarial training, yet, can approach its robust accuracy via input transformation.


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