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Self-Diagnosis and Self-Debiasing: A Proposal for Reducing Corpus-Based Bias in NLP

by   Timo Schick, et al.

When trained on large, unfiltered crawls from the internet, language models pick up and reproduce all kinds of undesirable biases that can be found in the data: they often generate racist, sexist, violent or otherwise toxic language. As large models often require millions of training examples to achieve good performance, it is difficult to completely prevent them from being exposed to such content. In this paper, we investigate whether pretrained language models at least know when they exhibit some undesirable bias or produce toxic content. Based on our findings, we propose a decoding algorithm that reduces the probability of a model producing problematic text given only a textual description of the undesired behavior. This algorithm does not rely on manually curated word lists, nor does it require any training data or changes to the model's parameters. While our approach does by no means eliminate the issue of language models generating biased text, we believe it to be an important step in this direction.


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