Self-Attentive Classification-Based Anomaly Detection in Unstructured Logs

08/21/2020 ∙ by Sasho Nedelkoski, et al. ∙ 0

The detection of anomalies is essential mining task for the security and reliability in computer systems. Logs are a common and major data source for anomaly detection methods in almost every computer system. They collect a range of significant events describing the runtime system status. Recent studies have focused predominantly on one-class deep learning methods on predefined non-learnable numerical log representations. The main limitation is that these models are not able to learn log representations describing the semantic differences between normal and anomaly logs, leading to a poor generalization of unseen logs. We propose Logsy, a classification-based method to learn log representations in a way to distinguish between normal data from the system of interest and anomaly samples from auxiliary log datasets, easily accessible via the internet. The idea behind such an approach to anomaly detection is that the auxiliary dataset is sufficiently informative to enhance the representation of the normal data, yet diverse to regularize against overfitting and improve generalization. We propose an attention-based encoder model with a new hyperspherical loss function. This enables learning compact log representations capturing the intrinsic differences between normal and anomaly logs. Empirically, we show an average improvement of 0.25 in the F1 score, compared to the previous methods. To investigate the properties of Logsy, we perform additional experiments including evaluation of the effect of the auxiliary data size, the influence of expert knowledge, and the quality of the learned log representations. The results show that the learned representation boost the performance of the previous methods such as PCA with a relative improvement of 28.2



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