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Self Attention Grid for Person Re-Identification

by   Jean-Paul Ainam, et al.
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

In this paper, we present an attention mechanism scheme to improve person re-identification task. Inspired by biology, we propose Self Attention Grid (SAG) to discover the most informative parts from a high-resolution image using its internal representation. In particular, given an input image, the proposed model is fed with two copies of the same image and consists of two branches. The upper branch processes the high-resolution image and learns high dimensional feature representation while the lower branch processes the low-resolution image and learn a filtering attention grid. We apply a max filter operation to non-overlapping sub-regions on the high feature representation before element-wise multiplied with the output of the second branch. The feature maps of the second branch are subsequently weighted to reflect the importance of each patch of the grid using a softmax operation. Our attention module helps the network learn the most discriminative visual features of multiple image regions and is specifically optimized to attend feature representation at different levels. Extensive experiments on three large-scale datasets show that our self-attention mechanism significantly improves the baseline model and outperforms various state-of-art models by a large margin.


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