Selection of an Integrated Security Area for locating a State Military Organization (SMO) based on group decision system: a multicriteria approach

by   Jean Gomes Turet, et al.

Over the past few years there has been growing concern among authorities over crimes committed worldwide. In Brazil it is no different. High crime rates have encouraged government authorities involved in public safety to identify solutions to minimize crimes. In this context, one way to plan and manage security is in the division of neighborhoods in ISA (Integrated Security Areas). Each ISA has a neighborhood conglomerates taking into account their geolocation. From this it becomes possible to maximize security management and combat crime. Based on that, one of the main points that generate great discussion at the governmental level is the choice of a certain integrated security area for the installation of a certain police battalion. This choice involves multiple decision makers since several hierarchies are involved. Thus, this paper aims to identify the best ISA to deploy a police battalion using group decision techniques and tools. For this work the Group Decision Support System (GDSS) called GRoUp Support (GRUS) was used from two main Vote techniques: Condorcet and Borda. With this it was possible to identify the best ISA taking into account the pre-established criteria.



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