Selection Induced Contrast Estimate (SICE) Effect: An Attempt to Quantify the Impact of Some Patient Selection Criteria in Randomized Clinical Trials

01/07/2020 ∙ by Junshui Ma, et al. ∙ 0

Defining the Inclusion/Exclusion (I/E) criteria of a trial is one of the most important steps during a trial design. Increasingly complex I/E criteria potentially create information imbalance and transparency issues between the people who design and run the trials and those who consume the information produced by the trials. In order to better understand and quantify the impact of a category of I/E criteria on observed treatment effects, a concept, named the Selection Induced Contrast Estimate (SICE) effect, is introduced and formulated in this paper. The SICE effect can exist in controlled clinical trials when treatment affects the correlation between a marker used for selection and the response of interest. This effect is demonstrated with both simulations and real clinical trial data. Although the statistical elements behind the SICE effect have been well studied, explicitly formulating and studying this effect can benefit several areas, including better transparency in I/E criteria, meta-analysis of multiple clinical trials, treatment effect interpretation in real-world medical practice, etc.



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