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Selecting a suitable Parallel Label-propagation based algorithm for Disjoint Community Detection

by   Subhajit Sahu, et al.
IIIT Hyderabad

Community detection is an essential task in network analysis as it helps identify groups and patterns within a network. High-speed community detection algorithms are necessary to analyze large-scale networks in a reasonable amount of time. Researchers have made significant contributions in the development of high-speed community detection algorithms, particularly in the area of label-propagation based disjoint community detection. These algorithms have been proven to be highly effective in analyzing large-scale networks in a reasonable amount of time. However, it is important to evaluate the performance and accuracy of these existing methods to determine which algorithm is best suited for a particular type of network and specific research problem. In this report, we investigate the RAK, COPRA, and SLPA, three label-propagation-based static community discovery techniques. We pay close attention to each algorithm's minute details as we implement both its single-threaded and multi-threaded OpenMP-based variants, making any necessary adjustments or optimizations and obtaining the right parameter values. The RAK algorithm is found to perform well with a tolerance of 0.05 and OpenMP-based strict RAK with 12 threads was 6.75x faster than the sequential non-strict RAK. The COPRA algorithm works well with a single label for road networks and max labels of 4-16 for other classes of graphs. The SLPA algorithm performs well with increasing memory size, but overall doesn't offer a favourable return on investment. The RAK algorithm is recommended for label-propagation based disjoint community detection.


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