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Security of 5G-V2X: Technologies, Standardization and Research Directions

by   Vishal Sharma, et al.

Cellular-Vehicle to Everything (C-V2X) aims at resolving issues pertaining to the traditional usability of Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) and Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) networking. Especially, C-V2X lowers the number of entities involved in vehicular communications and allows the inclusion of cellular-security solutions to be applied to V2X. For this, the evolvement of LTE-V2X is revolutionary, but it fails to handle the demands of high throughput, ultra-high reliability, and ultra-low latency alongside its security mechanisms. To counter this, 5G-V2X is considered as an integral solution, which not only resolves the issues related to LTE-V2X but also provides a function-based network setup. Several reports have been given for the security of 5G, but none of them primarily focuses on the security of 5G-V2X. This article provides a detailed overview of 5G-V2X with a security-based comparison with the LTE-V2X. A novel Security Reflex Function (SRF)-based architecture is also proposed and several research challenges are presented to be resolved in upcoming solutions related to the security of 5G-V2X. Alongside this, the article laid forward the requirements of Ultra-Dense and Ultra-Secure (UD-US) transmissions in 5G-V2X.


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