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Security in Process: Detecting Attacks in Industrial Process Data

by   Simon D. Duque Anton, et al.
Technische Universität Kaiserslautern

Due to the fourth industrial revolution, industrial applications make use of the progress in communication and embedded devices. This allows industrial users to increase efficiency and manageability while reducing cost and effort. Furthermore, the fourth industrial revolution, creating the so-called Industry 4.0, opens a variety of novel use and business cases in the industrial environment. However, this progress comes at the cost of an enlarged attack surface of industrial companies. Operational networks that have previously been phyiscally separated from public networks are now connected in order to make use of new communication capabilites. This motivates the need for industrial intrusion detection solutions that are compatible to the long-term operation machines in industry as well as the heterogeneous and fast-changing networks. In this work, process data is analysed. The data is created and monitored on real-world hardware. After a set up phase, attacks are introduced into the systems that influence the process behaviour. A time series-based anomaly detection approach, the Matrix Profiles, are adapted to the specific needs and applied to the intrusion detection. The results indicate an applicability of these methods to detect attacks in the process behaviour. Furthermore, they are easily integrated into existing process environments. Additionally, one-class classifiers One-Class Support Vector Machines and Isolation Forest are applied to the data without a notion of timing. While Matrix Profiles perform well in terms of creating and visualising results, the one-class classifiers perform poorly.


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