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Security and Privacy Issues in Deep Learning

by   Ho Bae, et al.
Seoul National University

With the development of machine learning, expectations for artificial intelligence (AI) technology are increasing day by day. In particular, deep learning has shown enriched performance results in a variety of fields. There are many applications that are closely related to our daily life, such as making significant decisions in application area based on predictions or classifications, in which a deep learning (DL) model could be relevant. Hence, if a DL model causes mispredictions or misclassifications due to malicious external influences, it can cause very large difficulties in real life. Moreover, training deep learning models involves relying on an enormous amount of data and the training data often includes sensitive information. Therefore, deep learning models should not expose the privacy of such data. In this paper, we reviewed the threats and developed defense methods on the security of the models and the data privacy under the notion of SPAI: Secure and Private AI. We also discuss current challenges and open issues.


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