Security and Privacy Considerations for Machine Learning Models Deployed in the Government and Public Sector (white paper)

by   Nader Sehatbakhsh, et al.

As machine learning becomes a more mainstream technology, the objective for governments and public sectors is to harness the power of machine learning to advance their mission by revolutionizing public services. Motivational government use cases require special considerations for implementation given the significance of the services they provide. Not only will these applications be deployed in a potentially hostile environment that necessitates protective mechanisms, but they are also subject to government transparency and accountability initiatives which further complicates such protections. In this paper, we describe how the inevitable interactions between a user of unknown trustworthiness and the machine learning models, deployed in governments and public sectors, can jeopardize the system in two major ways: by compromising the integrity or by violating the privacy. We then briefly overview the possible attacks and defense scenarios, and finally, propose recommendations and guidelines that once considered can enhance the security and privacy of the provided services.


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