Securing of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) against security threats using human immune system

by   Reza Fotohi, et al.

UASs form a large part of the fighting ability of the advanced military forces. In particular, these systems that carry confidential information are subject to security attacks. Accordingly, an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) has been proposed in the proposed design to protect against the security problems using the human immune system (HIS). The IDSs are used to detect and respond to attempts to compromise the target system. Since the UASs operate in the real world, the testing and validation of these systems with a variety of sensors is confronted with problems. This design is inspired by HIS. In the mapping, insecure signals are equivalent to an antigen that are detected by antibody-based training patterns and removed from the operation cycle. Among the main uses of the proposed design are the quick detection of intrusive signals and quarantining their activity. Moreover, SUAS-HIS method is evaluated here via extensive simulations carried out in NS-3 environment. The simulation results indicate that the UAS network performance metrics are improved in terms of false positive rate, false negative rate, detection rate, and packet delivery rate.



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