Secured Approach Towards Reactive Routing Protocols Using Triple Factor in Mobile Adhoc Networks

by   Mohammad Riyaz Belgaum, et al.

Routing protocols are used to transmit the packets from the source to the destination node in mobile ad hoc networks. The intruders seek chance to pierce into the network and becomes a cause of malfunctioning in the network. These protocols are always prone to attacks. During the phases of routing in different types of protocols, each of the attack finds a way to degrade the performance of the routing protocols. The reactive routing protocols DSR and AODV have lot of similar features and so are considered in this study. In order to transmit the packets safely, a secured approach using triple factor has been proposed. This triple factor computes the trust by using the direct information then verifies the reputation by collecting the information from the neighbouring nodes called distributed factor and uses cryptographic algorithm to ensure security. And to ensure that there are routes available to perform the routing process, the reasons for such attacks are studied so as to re-integrate back the nodes in to the network, once it has repented for being malicious before. The availability of routes increases the throughput


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