Secure Routing with Power Optimization for Ad-hoc Networks

by   Hui-Ming Wang, et al.

In this paper, we consider the problem of joint secure routing and transmit power optimization for a multi-hop ad-hoc network under the existence of randomly distributed eavesdroppers following a Poisson point process (PPP). Secrecy messages are delivered from a source to a destination through a multi-hop route connected by multiple legitimate relays in the network. Our goal is to minimize the end-to-end connection outage probability (COP) under the constraint of a secrecy outage probability (SOP) threshold, by optimizing the routing path and the transmit power of each hop jointly. We show that the globally optimal solution could be obtained by a two-step procedure where the optimal transmit power has a closed-form and the optimal routing path can be found by Dijkstra's algorithm. Then a friendly jammer with multiple antennas is applied to enhance the secrecy performance further, and the optimal transmit power of the jammer and each hop of the selected route is investigated. This problem can be solved optimally via an iterative outer polyblock approximation with one-dimension search algorithm. Furthermore, suboptimal transmit powers can be derived using the successive convex approximation (SCA) method with a lower complexity. Simulation results show the performance improvement of the proposed algorithms for both non-jamming and jamming scenarios, and also reveal a non-trivial trade-off between the numbers of hops and the transmit power of each hop for secure routing.


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