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Secure OTA Software Updates in Connected Vehicles: A survey

by   Subir Halder, et al.
Università di Padova

This survey highlights and discusses remote OTA software updates in the automotive sector, mainly from the security perspective. In particular, the major objective of this survey is to provide a comprehensive and structured outline of various research directions and approaches in OTA update technologies in vehicles. At first, we discuss the connected car technology and then integrate the relationship of remote OTA update features with the connected car. We also present the benefits of remote OTA updates for cars along with relevant statistics. Then, we emphasize on the security challenges and requirements of remote OTA updates along with use cases and standard road safety regulations followed in different countries. We also provide for a classification of the existing works in literature that deal with implementing different secured techniques for remote OTA updates in vehicles. We further provide an analytical discussion on the present scenario of remote OTA updates with respect to care manufacturers. Finally, we identify possible future research directions of remote OTA updates for automobiles, particularly in the area of security.


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