Secure IoT Data Analytics in Cloud via Intel SGX

by   Md Shihabul Islam, et al.

The growing adoption of IoT devices in our daily life is engendering a data deluge, mostly private information that needs careful maintenance and secure storage system to ensure data integrity and protection. Also, the prodigious IoT ecosystem has provided users with opportunities to automate systems by interconnecting their devices and other services with rule-based programs. The cloud services that are used to store and process sensitive IoT data turn out to be vulnerable to outside threats. Hence, sensitive IoT data and rule-based programs need to be protected against cyberattacks. To address this important challenge, in this paper, we propose a framework to maintain confidentiality and integrity of IoT data and rule-based program execution. We design the framework to preserve data privacy utilizing Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) such as Intel SGX, and end-to-end data encryption mechanism. We evaluate the framework by executing rule-based programs in the SGX securely with both simulated and real IoT device data.


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