Secure Digital Administration in Medical Environment

by   Diana Berbecaru, et al.

The efficiency and service quality in a medical environment can be improved by using electronic documents (or e-docs) and digital signatures to speed up both doctors' activity and to provide in the same time easy retrieval and use of needed data without loosing convenience. Our proposed solution satisfies these needs by making use of the AIDA system and many cutting-edge techniques to build a digitalized management system. To be more specific, we present firstly the AIDA document exchange framework for the management (creation, search, storage) of e-docs expressed in XML format. The framework provides security services, like privacy, authorization, authentication and non-repudiation. We describe next the use of AIDA in a real world medical service, namely the creation of electronic medical records (e- MRs). Doctors can use mobile devices that embed a secure trustworthy environment defined also in AIDA for digitally signing the e-MRs. Technically speaking a handheld PC equipped with a smart-card reader and integrating What You See Is What You Sign (WYSIWYS) features will be used for viewing and signing the e-MRs. Furthermore the proposed system is easily integrated with the infrastructure (e.g., database system) already in use at hospital's administration site and allows easy handling and updating of data processed on the mobile devices. The use of web interface for the operations to be executed on the mobile device or for those executed on the remote part of the system makes the whole application homogeneous and easy to use.


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