Secure Charging and Payment System for Electric Land Vehicles with Authentication Protocol

by   Ömer Aydin, et al.

It is obvious that fossil fuels are a limited resource and will be replaced by other energy sources in the future considering economic and en-vironmental problems. Electricity comes to the forefront among the sources that are candidates to replace fossil fuels. In the near future, electric land, air and sea vehicles will start to take more place in daily life. For this reason, systems for the charging systems of these devices and post-charge payments have been developed. There is no general standard on this issue yet. In this study, a charge and payment system, which is safe against known cyber-attacks for use in electric land ve-hicles, and which prioritizes privacy, is proposed. A system has been proposed to verify each other wired or wirelessly with an authentication protocol, where the data communication is encrypted, and the payment transactions are performed securely and invoiced to the vehicle owners.



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