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Secure Blockchain Platform for Industrial IoT with Trusted Computing Hardware

by   Qing Yang, et al.
Shenzhen University

As a disruptive technology that originates from cryptocurrency, blockchain provides a trusted platform to facilitate industrial IoT (IIoT) applications. However, implementing a blockchain platform in IIoT scenarios confronts various security challenges due to the rigorous deployment condition. To this end, we present a novel design of secure blockchain based on trusted computing hardware for IIoT applications. Specifically, we employ the trusted execution environment (TEE) module and a customized security chip to safeguard the blockchain against different attacking vectors. Furthermore, we implement the proposed secure IIoT blockchain on the ARM-based embedded device and build a small-scale IIoT network to evaluate its performance. Our experimental results show that the secure blockchain platform achieves a high throughput (150TPS) with low transaction confirmation delay (below 66ms), demonstrating its feasibility in practical IIoT scenarios. Finally, we outline the open challenges and future research directions.


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