SecOComp: A Fast and Secure Simultaneous Compression and Encryption Scheme

by   Nivedita Shrivastava, et al.

We live in a data-driven era that involves the generation, collection and processing of a massive amount of data. This data often contains valuable intellectual property and sensitive user information that must be safeguarded. There is a need to both encrypt and compress the data at line speed and sometimes with added power constraints. The majority of the currently available simultaneous compression and encryption (SCE) schemes are tailored for a specific type of data such as images for instance. This reduces their generic applicability. In this paper, we tackle this issue and propose a generic, efficient, and secure simultaneous compression and encryption scheme where the data is simultaneously encrypted using chaotic maps and compressed using a fast lossless compression algorithm. We claim that employing multiple chaotic maps and a lossless compression method can help us create not only an efficient encryption scheme but also compress the data efficiently in a hardware-friendly manner. We avoid all the known pitfalls of chaos theory based encryption that have prevented its widespread usage. Our algorithm passes all the NIST tests for nine different types of popular datasets. The proposed implementation uses 1.51x less storage as compared to the nearest computing work.


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