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SecGrid: A Secure and Efficient SGX-enabled Smart Grid System with Rich Functionalities

by   Shaohua Li, et al.

Smart grid adopts two-way communication and rich functionalities to gain a positive impact on the sustainability and efficiency of power usage, but on the other hand, also poses serious challenges to customers' privacy. Existing solutions in smart grid usually use cryptographic tools, such as homomorphic encryption, to protect individual privacy, which, however, can only support limited and simple functionalities. Moreover, the resource-constrained smart meters need to perform heavy asymmetric cryptography in these solutions, which is not applied to smart grid. In this paper, we present a practical and secure SGX-enabled smart grid system, named SecGrid. Our system leverage trusted hardware SGX to ensure that grid utilities can efficiently execute rich functionalities on customers' private data, while guaranteeing their privacy. With the designed security protocols, the SecGrid only require the smart meters to perform AES encryption. Security analysis shows that SecGrid can thwart various attacks from malicious adversaries. Experimental results show that SecGrid is much faster than the existing privacy-preserving schemes in smart grid.


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