SDOF-Tracker: Fast and Accurate Multiple Human Tracking by Skipped-Detection and Optical-Flow

by   Hitoshi Nishimura, et al.

Multiple human tracking is a fundamental problem for scene understanding. Although both accuracy and speed are required in real-world applications, recent tracking methods based on deep learning have focused on accuracy and require substantial running time. This study aims to improve running speed by performing human detection at a certain frame interval because it accounts for most of the running time. The question is how to maintain accuracy while skipping human detection. In this paper, we propose a method that complements the detection results with optical flow, based on the fact that someone's appearance does not change much between adjacent frames. To maintain the tracking accuracy, we introduce robust interest point selection within human regions and a tracking termination metric calculated by the distribution of the interest points. On the MOT20 dataset in the MOTChallenge, the proposed SDOF-Tracker achieved the best performance in terms of the total running speed while maintaining the MOTA metric. Our code is available at



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