ScreenSeg: On-Device Screenshot Layout Analysis

by   Manoj Goyal, et al.

We propose a novel end-to-end solution that performs a Hierarchical Layout Analysis of screenshots and document images on resource constrained devices like mobilephones. Our approach segments entities like Grid, Image, Text and Icon blocks occurring in a screenshot. We provide an option for smart editing by auto highlighting these entities for saving or sharing. Further this multi-level layout analysis of screenshots has many use cases including content extraction, keyword-based image search, style transfer, etc. We have addressed the limitations of known baseline approaches, supported a wide variety of semantically complex screenshots, and developed an approach which is highly optimized for on-device deployment. In addition, we present a novel weighted NMS technique for filtering object proposals. We achieve an average precision of about 0.95 with a latency of around 200ms on Samsung Galaxy S10 Device for a screenshot of 1080p resolution. The solution pipeline is already commercialized in Samsung Device applications i.e. Samsung Capture, Smart Crop, My Filter in Camera Application, Bixby Touch.


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