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ScoreGrad: Multivariate Probabilistic Time Series Forecasting with Continuous Energy-based Generative Models

by   Tijin Yan, et al.

Multivariate time series prediction has attracted a lot of attention because of its wide applications such as intelligence transportation, AIOps. Generative models have achieved impressive results in time series modeling because they can model data distribution and take noise into consideration. However, many existing works can not be widely used because of the constraints of functional form of generative models or the sensitivity to hyperparameters. In this paper, we propose ScoreGrad, a multivariate probabilistic time series forecasting framework based on continuous energy-based generative models. ScoreGrad is composed of time series feature extraction module and conditional stochastic differential equation based score matching module. The prediction can be achieved by iteratively solving reverse-time SDE. To the best of our knowledge, ScoreGrad is the first continuous energy based generative model used for time series forecasting. Furthermore, ScoreGrad achieves state-of-the-art results on six real-world datasets. The impact of hyperparameters and sampler types on the performance are also explored. Code is available at


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