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Scoot: A Perceptual Metric for Facial Sketches

by   Deng-Ping Fan, et al.
Nankai University

While it is trivial for humans to quickly assess the perceptual similarity between two images, the underlying mechanism is thought to be quite complex. Despite this, the most widely adopted perceptual metrics today, such as SSIM and FSIM, are simple, shallow functions, and fail to consider many factors of human perception. Recently, the facial modelling community has observed that the inclusion of both structure and texture has a significant positive benefit for face sketch synthesis (FSS). But how perceptual are these so-called "perceptual features"? Which elements are critical for their success? In this paper, we design a perceptual metric, called Structure Co-Occurrence Texture (Scoot), which simultaneously considers the blocklevel spatial structure and co-occurrence texture statistics. To test the quality of metrics, we propose three novel metameasures based on various reliable properties. Extensive experiments verify that our Scoot metric exceeds the performance of prior work. Besides, we built the first large scale (152k judgments) human-perception-based sketch database that can evaluate how well a metric is consistent with human perception. Our results suggest that "spatial structure" and "co-occurrence texture" are two generally applicable perceptual features in face sketch synthesis.


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