SCMCI: Secured Click and Mortar Commercial Interaction

by   Mausumi Das Nath, et al.

The wide spread of click-and-mortar model offers an opportunity to consider a universal commercial interaction method. However, issues like privacy protection resist the widespread acceptance. Traditional SET and SSL protocols are designed using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) where extensive computations are carried out. Our aim is here to design a protocol to secure any type of commercial interaction for online platform, which also considers mobile platform. Therefore, our focus is on reducing heavy computations and making the overall procedure faster. A Secured Click and Mortar Commercial Interaction (SCMCI) protocol is proposed here to improve the performance of the commercial interaction procedure through replacing time consuming public key encryption and decryption algorithms by hybrid logic including the use of symmetric key. Comparative analysis has been done with traditional SET protocol using cryptool to prove the efficiency of the protocol.



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