Scientific Paper Recommendation Systems: a Literature Review of recent Publications

by   Christin Katharina Kreutz, et al.

Scientific writing builds upon already published papers. Manual identification of publications to read, cite or consider as related papers relies on a researcher's ability to identify fitting keywords or initial papers from which a literature search can be started. The rapidly increasing amount of papers has called for automatic measures to find the desired relevant publications, so-called paper recommendation systems. As the number of publications increases so does the amount of paper recommendation systems. Former literature reviews focused on discussing the general landscape of approaches throughout the years and highlight the main directions. We refrain from this perspective, instead we only consider a comparatively small time frame but analyse it fully. In this literature review we discuss used methods, datasets, evaluations and open challenges encountered in all works first released between January 2019 and October 2021. The goal of this survey is to provide a comprehensive and complete overview of current paper recommendation systems.



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