Scheduling with Complete Multipartite Incompatibility Graph on Parallel Machines

by   Tytus Pikies, et al.

In this paper we consider the problem of scheduling on parallel machines with a presence of incompatibilities between jobs. The incompatibility relation can be modeled as a complete multipartite graph in which each edge denotes a pair of jobs that cannot be scheduled on the same machine. Our research stems from the work of Bodlaender et al. [1992, 1993]. In particular, we pursue the line investigated partially by Mallek et al. [2019], where the graph is complete multipartite so each machine can do jobs only from one partition. We also tie our results to the recent approach for so-called identical machines with class constraints by Jansen et al. [2019], providing a link between our case and their generalization. In the paper we provide several algorithms constructing schedules, optimal or approximate with respect to the two most popular criteria of optimality: Cmax (the makespan) and ΣCj(the total completion time). We consider a variety of machine types in our paper: identical, uniform, unrelated, and a natural subcase of unrelated machines. Our results consist of delimitation of the easy (polynomial) and NP-hard problems within these constraints. In the case when the problem is hard, we also provide algorithm, either with a guaranteed constant worst-case approximation ratio or even in some cases a PTAS. In particular, we fill the gap on research for the problem of finding a schedule with smallest total completion time on uniform machines. We address this problem by developing a linear programming relaxation technique with an appropriate rounding, which to our knowledge is a novelty for this criterion in the considered setting.



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